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Hey Teach!Mark Rudd, a student leader in the 1968 riots, speaks out about burning 10 years of a professor’s work. (NPR)

Some retired NYC teachers get over $100,000/year in pensions. (NYPost)

The number of black students enrolled in esteemed NYC schools dropped by 10% under Bloomberg’s watch. (NYDaily)

Taxis will start offering a ride-sharing service on select routes to Grand Central Terminal, greatly reducing an individual’s fare. How innovative! (NYT)

Programs that benefit the least number of students will likely be discontinued due to the Arts Initiative budget cut. (Spec)

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  1. FIRST  

    why did people vote for emperor bloomberg again?

  2. ugh  

    I wish we can stop seeing skin color so much. I understand that Stuyvesant and Bronx Sci and the other SciHi's have more than 60% Asians and a very low Black and Hispanic population, but understand that some (or many) of these Asians come from working class immigrant families, and they actually worked their asses off trying to get into these school. Who pays for Kaplan and Princeton Review? Their sweatshop working moms and dads, duh. Okay, not every Asian is working class and immigrant, but point is that despite our limited resources, we nevertheless make it through and get to Ivies and SciHi's. I know because I graduated from a SciHi, and I'm working class. It takes great guts to move upwards.

    Black and Hispanics do need more resources, but the resources are out there. There's free SAT and SSHSAT tutoring, but you just have to take the initiative to find them. Kaplan is expensive, but it's worth the extra thousand dollars. Would you rather invest in a new Xbox or in improving your grades so you can get a higher score on the SSHSAT or SAT? (ok, maybe I do want that Xbox). We should stop seeing color so much, provide better mentoring to minorities, and have them understand that THE RESOURCES ARE OUT THERE.

    • ...

      Yeah, but Asians aren't a minority. Because racist white people discriminate against minorities, making achievement for them impossible. If Asians were a minority, the majority of them would be failing in school and living in poverty generation after generation. Ergo, Asians cannot be a minority.

      • hmm  

        model minority myth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

        • ...

          I don't think you completed your reading on this one: The 'myth', supposedly, is that high-achieving groups (e.g. Asian-Americans) are naturally more academically capable than others. The usual alternative explanation proposed is that their cultures place a higher value on education and thus that they simply work harder.

          I know, I know - stupid reality. If only we could just ignore it when forming our views..

    • WOW  

      You gotta read something, man. It's very different being a slave for hundreds of years in the U.S. than to voluntarily come from East Asia. Asians that make it here are a self-selected group of intelligent, driven people. It's different than crossing a border to flee poverty with a whole family.

      I haven't even mentioned the history of legal, social, economic, political, and educational subjugation of blacks and Latinos...


      • ...

        Do more thinking and less parroting of the sophistical excuses you heard in Ethnic Studies. Perhaps if you'd done any actual study of the matter, you would realize that the point of the 'Model Minority Myth' is quite the opposite of what you think it is: It is considered a 'myth' insofar as it stereotypes e.g. particularly Asian-Americans as being naturally gifted in mathematics and academics in general.

        What those who discuss this topic do NOT deny is 1) that there are certain minority groups that on average do achieve as well as, or better than, European-descended white Americans, and 2) that high-achieving minority groups like Asians have faced severe discrimination on-par with that of black Americans.

        The question of the discussion is -why- this is; the most commonly accepted answer is that there in high-achieving minority groups there is a cultural tradition of putting high value on education. Though it is fair to note that there is a significant amount of recent data suggesting that there are non-negligible difference in innate (genetic, heritable) intelligence between racial groups - though this is often denied by individuals outside of the scientific community for obvious ideological reasons.

  3. mr

    Why does Mark Rudd still get so much airtime? Those protesters were so retarded and really screwed up this university for a LONG time

  4. AI  

    Programs which benefit the least students? More like programs which benefit actual artists instead of students just trying to score cheap tickets.

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