1. seas '11  

    so... why does the engineer have a earpiece? Is she an engineer or a receptionist?

  2. binary

    a) her computer screen spells out "Barbie" in ASCII
    b) no self respecting computer engineer uses a bluetooth headset.

  3. Girls  

    can now dream to be more than swimsuit models and waitresses. Huzzah!

  4. Female CS Major  

    Escuse me as I go buy some blocky-framed pink glasses and bluetooth headset.

  5. IT barbie

    has smaller boobs than malibu barbie

  6. ...  

    computer engineer barbie won... a vote... conducted on the internet... who would have guessed?!

  7. OMG...that oufit!

    Barbie: Yet another engineer with absolutely no fashion sense.

  8. ...  

    hahahaha from gizmodo comments... computer engineer barbie's inevitable future... mid level management barbie:


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