1. Anonymous  

    its him, i just saw him

    • ...

      You just saw him? He was in there at noon.

      Incidentally, he ran for over an hour. And, no, he left right after cooling down. He's probably too modest to brush his locks in front of the common people.

  2. Anonymous

    now that is a FUN RUN.

  3. Robert Banter  

    If Prezbo can make it to the gym then I think we can all make it to class on time despite the weather

  4. Anonymouse  

    Did use the locker room showers? Cause that'd be awkward.

  5. regular  

    prezbo is a regular runner and runs in central park almost daily

  6. Anonymous  

    who the fuck is that

  7. Anonymous  

    fake and gay.

  8. Anonymous  

    if that's really him he appears to have gained a bit of pudge

    not to fault him, it's midwinter, can't blame him

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