Sex Toys 101

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Don’t know how to start your weekend? Columbia RAs and Babeland will be holding a sex toys workshop this evening in the lobby of Harmony Hall from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, consisting of a one hour lecture and a 30 minute “shopping experience.”

Read the full flyer after the jump!

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  1. wow  

    really? what if the condom breaks? are you seriously going to use that thing ever again?

    just use a god damned vibrator!

  2. Anonymous

    HO HO HO where is that Harmony Hall seeking BASTARD now?? bet it's been FOUND for this event. IDIOT.

  3. poppers  

    i hope they give out free poppers

  4. cheesecake  

    OMG OMG, there's cheesecake at the event, this is awesome

  5. I have to admit  

    That flyer = pure genius.

  6. diane t vagelos  

    these toys are perfect for my vag!

  7. That flyer title is hilarious!

    If somebody tried to organize a lecture like that in the boring, conservative little town where I live the whole gang would be run out of town!

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