1. Anonymous  

    I have a bad feeling about this...

  2. OMG  

    That panda outside Butler just made my day. Or at least my cigarette break.

  3. as opposed to

    having a good feeling about this?

  4. Anonymous  

    Looks like Calvin has been disposing of his recycling in Butler.

  5. mr

    random fact: clear trash bags are for recyclable material ranging from paper to glass bottles so maintenance crews can tell whether or not there are non-recyclable materials in the bags. it turns out, columbia doesn't sort recycling to save money and the university can get fined big bucks for putting non-recyclable things in with the recycling when the city garbage trucks come by. so if there is something non-recyclable in one of those clear bags (say, a plastic bottle in paper recycling), columbia just throws all that recyclable material away with the trash. sucks, huh? esp. for those people that spend the time to sort their recycling.

  6. "The Cloner"

    Look, I was doing research. Jeez people! As for \having a bad feeling about this\, this is Columbia! Wouldn't you want clones of highly intelligent individuals to fix a globalizing world, economic downturn, and the lack of fashionistas on College Walk [yes Bwog, I saw your last article on College Walk!]

    --Stevne A. Cloner
    Mad Scientist hiding in Butler

  7. Anonymous  

    You've all missed the clear Star Wars reference in the first post. Shame on you all.

  8. Anonymous

    i did not miss the star wars reference!

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