Maybe There’s More to the Name Than is Apparent

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River residents have reported that their hot water now looks like this. Apparently this has been an intermittent problem in the dorm, but the water seems to have remained off-color for the past 24 hours.

At posting time, the University has not responded to any requests for comment or further information.

Update, 6:53 p.m: River residents tell Bwog that the water was fixed earlier this evening.


  1. River Rummager  

    where's river? i can't find it anywhere. seriously can anyone tell me wehre it is?

  2. bc2011  

    its on 114th btwn bway and riverside

  3. mr

    youre a moron if someone in bc was able to answer that and you weren't... also, the water was like that in my wein single pretty often, but housing refused to fix it

  4. River Rummager  

    wait so like is it around chipotle? seriously i kind find it anywhere and is riverside on the park or like past the park?????

  5. Anonymous  

    was i drinking that all this time fuck

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