Snow Day: Gallery

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Here at Bwog, we love the snow, and just because it was the second day of snow in a row doesn’t make us any less excited. Here’s a collection of images from one of the most beautiful days we’ve seen in a long time, featuring skiers on Low, a snow panda, and… the Consent Snowman?

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  1. This...  

    is effin' AMAZING. Best snow day pictures ever.

  2. consent is sexy  

    It's a Consent Snow PERSON!

  3. check it  

    that panda is super cute!!! :-) makes me all smilie and gigglieeeee

  4. Sam

    That jump is bomb-- props to ski dude

  5. 2150  

    it's like an olympic ski jump right here on our own campus!!!!!!!11!

  6. Anonymous  

    drinkin' dem foties.. foties.

  7. Anonymous  

    I knew that panda looked familiar! http://bwog.net/2008/02/12/bwog-forgot-just-how-lovely-the-snow-could-be

    I wonder if it's the same people.

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