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Every year, STA hosts the World Traveler Internship, a program in which one male and one female student, handpicked from a pool of thousands, embark on an epic trip around the world and blog about it. The itinerary allows for a visit to every continent except Antarctica and places special emphasis on adventure, sightseeing, and volunteer work. This year, Columbia has not one, not two, not three, but four students applying for the prestigious internship – conveniently enough, one male and one female! You can watch the videos and check out the STA profiles of Zak Dychtwald, CC ’12; Amy Stringer, BC ’13; Spencer Oberman, CC ’12; and Reni Calister, BC ’11 herehere, here, and here (respectively). Don’t forget to cast your votes!

Incidentally, this is not the first time Columbia has been represented in the STA program; Pat Blute, CC ’12, was a summer 2008 World Traveler Intern.

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  1. Style Guide  

    Please use the closing apostrophe for graduation years:

    CC ’12 rather than CC ‘12

    It's an apostrophe, not an opening single quotation.

    Here are some type nerds laughing at this kind of mistake: http://www.typophile.com/node/36875

  2. NEATO  

    This guy ^^^ is a douche.

    GO ZAK!!! best video i've ever seen on the STA site, kid looks like he has what it takes for sure!

    other girls video was kinda boring... i wouldn't party with her..

  3. !!!!  

    hey drop the negativity! they're both fit for the job!

  4. Anonymous

    pat blute is the stuff dreams are made of. sweet, sweet, delicious dreams.

  5. actually  

    Junior Reni Calister BC' 11 is applying too. her video can be found too.


  6. woohoo  

    it is so cool to see kids on campus being so adventurous!

  7. Anonymous  

    after watching a few of the other videos, i feel like someone maybe having have had less exposure to other countries and lifestyles and benefits might be better suited to win this trip. zak's obviously pretty well off, and it seems like a lot of these other kids are just as well qualified and would really be winning a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, whereas zak will probably go to these places regardless at some point.just my two cents.

    • hmmmm  

      if the point of the internship were just to allow two people to see the world, i'd agree. however, they are blogging the whole time. they have to get people excited about travel. zak's video does that!

      • Anonymous  

        let's get serious. No one will actually use these sites to plan their trips and the only people who will actually take the time to read the posts and go the website will be either family members, friends or kids trying to prep themselves for a run at the prize next year. whether or not the person can make a good video, of which zak's is one of many on the website if we're using this as criteria, is basically a moot point. there are however many billion websites out there, and looking over pat's (the 2008 Travel Intern) listings, almost all of which have fewer than 10 views and which except for one or two lack any comments, it's pretty obvious that the sta site is just one of millions out there providing information like this/no one's really going to just "happen upon" these write-ups in the first place. accepting that this is basically an all-expenses paid joy ride for two lucky kids that will have little lasting value in the publicity arena and will probably only be read for actual content by future competitors, I'd much rather award it to someone who might never get this experience otherwise and may actually glean something meaningful from it because of this as opposed to someone who has been and will travel all over the world that has some videography talent (which will only fall on deaf ears).

  8. NotSpencer

    Hey, wait, there's another addition to this list! Spencer Oberman (GS '12) is another Columbia applicant who needs your votes! You may have seen her at the games last semester as a Columbia cheerleader, or you can catch her at the end of this semester in the Varsity Show! She is so super awesome, totally qualified for the job, and basically the coolest person ever. P.S. She is my friend. This is not Spencer. Because that would be awkward, right? Me telling you how awesome I was? ...If I was Spencer...which I'm not.

    :) Go vote!


    • ACTUALLY Not Spencer  

      Spencer is AWESOME!!! I'm in the Varsity Show with her right now, and she has an amazing energy about her. She's articulate and wonderful. She really deserves it - give her your votes!!!

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