Bwoglines: Things Being Phased Out

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Photo via NYP

Guidance counselors for electronic individual learning plans. (NYT)

The “lazy” and “detached” Governor Paterson. (NYP)

Obama’s smoking habits. Or not. (NYDaily)

JFK’s main runway, at least for four months.

Columbia Spectator online, in favor of a site based around their new (fun and trendy!) blog, Spectrum.

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  1. ...  

    ...based around their new (fun and trendy!) blog, Sputum.

    and what's with the performance banner at the bottom? the performance of this thing has been inconsistent and often terrible ever since it was switched over to wordpress...

  2. was that snark,  

    I sense, bwog? someone encroaching on your fun and trendy monopoly?

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