1. hmmm  

    that picture is frightening. please take it down.

  2. pretty funny  

    i chuckled.

  3. Actually,

    it's pretty hot. Who is she?

  4. wth

    I'm pretty sure its a dude

  5. Anonymous

    Definitely a chick and a hottie. I'd tap that.

  6. umm  

    someone get that girl a sandwich!!!

  7. person  

    Nipple is showing if you look closely enough.

  8. i'm fairly sure  

    i can sue the photographer for irreparable damage done to my mind and soul. horrendous.

  9. i think  

    she is hot. Yes please.
    Didn't she also pose for C-spot?

    I'm sure the people that are being rude are much less attractive than she is!

  10. I wonder how this post got on bwog  

    since it's obviously advertising another website.

    or maybe that's just not allowed in comments

  11. Anonymous

    Sweet, they used my idea!

  12. but actually  

    when will the Fed learn that running the same article hating on hipsters every issue isn't funny anymore.

  13. seas spot wannabe!  

    I wish I was as skinny as her :(

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