So We Have Spirit After All

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Photo by Paul Bereswill

New York Magazine’s College Hoops Road Trip around NYC concluded on Saturday at the Men’s Basketball game against Princeton. While their reporter was not overwhelmed by the quality of play (awarded 5 out of 10), they were terrifically impressed by Columbia’s school spirit, rating it 10 out of 10, and stating:

“Columbia wins this category. Hands down.”

The article partially credited this to the supportive seniors, but mainly focused on the smart-ass marching band. Go Columbia!

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  1. Wow

    i'm surprised we didn't get negative ratings lol...we have a team that can't even beat Dartmouth and barely gets by Penn

  2. Anonymous  

    Our marching band is bad ass, but our student section isn't that great.

  3. Anonymous

    The Co-Captain looks like Christian Bale

  4. actually  

    I'm really annoyed with our crowd. About 80% is a bunch of upper middle class kids who don't give a peep when the ref makes a bad call and clap politely when Columbia score. The most passion they show is when they give me the evil eye whenever I try to make some noise. I mean, c'mon's a basketball game. You're SUPPOSED to stand up, you're SUPPOSED to scream, you're SUPPOSED to distract the other team. Stop judging others who are just trying to have a good time.

    • Anonymous

      The key is to go with a group of friends who won't mind having a good time yelling like a bunch of obnoxious jackasses. The mob mentality will eventually catch on with the rest of the flaccid crowd. Try a couple of shots of alchie beforehand and you'll feel buzzed and ready to yell. And whatever you do, don't sit on your fat ass.

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