Sophomore Scream Rather Shrill

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This evening, an enthusiastic crowd of CC sophomores gathered on Low Plaza to announce to the world who they are.

CC 2012 lollygagged around, sipping hot chocolate and hacking away at funnel cake like it was the Biloxi County Fair all over again. One girl asked another girl whether she had declared her major yet. “No,” Girl #2 replied. Next, an older man wheeling a suitcase asked Bwog: “What’s funnel cake?” We tried to explain, but before we could, he cut us off. With a look of assurance, he declared, “Ah. It’s like the yucca of the Tibetan highlands.” Mhm!

Then, they screamed! But we didn’t hear it because we were in Butler studying for midterms. But people heard them from Lerner, and probably other places. Congratulations, CC 2012! You’re on your way.

Photo by Ariel Moger

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  1. Anonymous  

    I heard it from Lerner!

  2. hey bwog  

    you should delete this comment

  3. That  

    was the best photo?

  4. uGH  

    ...housing portal is down again...
    WTF columbia at least get your shitty system to FUNCTION

  5. Anonymous  

    It was a great event and loved it!

  6. Anonymous

    Me too!!!! Funnel cake was soooo good!


    i love spectrum.

  8. sad senior  

    waaaaaaaahhh I don't want to graduate.

  9. no  

    stupid seniors should have to graduate right all are old farts!!!

  10. Harmony Hunter  

    I'm not trying to spam at all but if anyone knows the location of Harmony, I've been searching all year.


  11. seas kid  

    so why did they do this again?

  12. education program  

    what is that education program option on the major declaration page?

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