Faculty Care About Study Days, Too

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ESC President Whitney Green reported that the faculty have submitted an independent study day proposal to the University Senate to eliminate the election day break and convert those days to study days. Their proposal also calls for holding finals on weekends.

Senator Rajat Roy commented that when student proposals come up against faculty proposals in the Senate, they are more likely to lose, thus the faculty’s plan effectively undermines the proposal being worked on by the student councils that called for starting classes before labor day as a solution to the calendar problems.


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  1. "more likely to loose"? really?  

    nevertheless this proposal sounds like a good thing.

  2. Fuck that  

    Gee, that'd be great not having the election day break.

  3. don't push me  

    Election day Break=not go insane card. You want to take that away from me, Columbia??? Do you??? Huh? Do you??!!

  4. what the fuck  

    why can't we just get more days off like other normal schools? oh my god, seriously, columbia faculty, do you want us to turn into cornell? Look the fuck around! The majority of us are over worked and get very little sleep and now you want to take the break that we do get away from us? This is fucken Marie Antoinette shit! How can we eat cake madam, if we have no bread??!?!

  5. Hahahahahahaha  

    This is fuckin hilarious. There are TWO DAYS that we have off in the entire depressing fall semester, and they wanna take them away from us? Hahahahahahaha

  6. I think that  

    I cannot believe they want to take away our fall "break". It is two days. Most schools get at least a week. This is ridiculous. We had four days off in the entire fall semester! Do not make it two.

  7. ummm  

    faculty don't care for shit

  8. Seriously?  

    Right, because we're not enough like sleep-deprived, overworked zombies already... Thanks faculty. Way to support your students...

  9. I'm  

    impressed that no one has bitched about the idea to put exams on weekends. That would be awful too. But seriously, taking away election day weekend would be a super big problem.

    How about they just start a week earlier? Why does Labor Day matter more than Election Day?

  10. Anonymous  

    Finals on weekends and no Election Day break? It seems like whatever way they go about organizing the calendar, they're determined to stuff a semester's worth of work into the shortest interval possible. I'm pretty tolerant of administrative pain-in-the-assery, but this prospect is really alarming.

  11. WHY????  

    If the faculty really did care, they wouldn't be cramming 5 exams and a paper in one week, or for the English/History majors, three papers and a shit ton of reading in a week. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

  12. Hey!  

    The idea is to mitigate two very pressing problems:
    1) That there are not enough days for exams
    2) That exams last so late into December, thus forcing students who wish to return home to pay more for plane tickets.

    There are various combinations of fixing the problem but the students and faculty need to come to a compromise upon which both parties can agree.

  13. Anonymous  

    This is beyond ridiculous. The only reason we're not doing what almost every other university seems to do, and which got our counterparts at other schools done with finals well before Christmas--start just a few days before Labor Day--is because the faculty complained that they wanted to keep those days off at the end of the summer. Now it's the faculty asking us to give up our much-needed mid-semester break to fix the scheduling fuck-up? Not pleased.

    I was actually surprised how many comments I read back in December calling for Columbia to dump the Election Day break because it's stupid and no other school does it anyway. Um, right...that's because other schools get Columbus Day off. It's the same difference. What the faculty wants to do now is make us go from early September to late November, with Election Day break replaced with...nothing. So congrats to all who called Election Day useless, and enjoy spending that Monday and Tuesday in class.

  14. Beezly Kiernan  

    I'd prefer Election Day Break to two more study days, but I don't have to fly home for the holidays.

    If the faculty's main argument for starting the semester after Labor Day is that some of them would have to pay for day care during the week before NYC public schools open, then there's probably an efficient solution. I would imagine that the extra fares students had to pay to leave NY so close to Christmas exceed the cost of day care for the younger children of faculty who go to public schools, and who probably number around a hundred, if that. So a subsidy for faculty with students in public schools, paid for by a fairly small increase in tuition, would likely make everyone better off. Of course, we could also create a program in which students babysit the kids at little to no cost to the student body, again making everyone better off. Don't give up, students on the Senate!

  15. Anonymous  

    Honestly, the faculty's claims that they'll be "thoroughly inconvenienced" by starting a few days earlier (in the latest draft of the proposal, we wouldn't even start a full week earlier, as we basically just have to get that last Monday in so as to not have to make it up as the last day of classes) is complete rubbish. They get an allotted amount of free day care hours (rumored to be in the 100s for EACH faculty member) already, and almost the entire faculty population already uses those free hours in the days before Labor Day, as most of them are already prepping for classes. Knowing this, my only hypothesis for why the faculty are opposing starting earlier and supporting some sort of removal of the already few breaks we have, is one of pure elitism and a holier-than-thou attitude. Literally, there is no reason why they should be against starting earlier, as they can only benefit from not having to grade so close to holiday/family occasions and they basically already treat their schedules as if school starts that week before Labor Day as they use it for prep time. It's depressing to even write, but I see it as a pure and simple superiority complex played out on an unfortunately large and incredibly important stage. Yes, faculty, we can have good ideas and we also realize the importance of being able to vote as a demonstration of democracy. Sorry that we don't live 400 feet from our polling station, but you're not the only ones here. In fact, you're not even close to the majority...but we'll still give you more Senate seats than us (another issue for another time)

    • you must be joking  

      faculty do not get any free daycare hours. This rumor is utterly that - a rumor. Speaking as a faculty member with small children I can tell you we each pay market rates for the child care, every hour.

      And the faculty who need daycare (that is, those who have small children) are generally untenured junior faculty who have no time for fussing with these issues or whether anyone "gets" a day, since every faculty member spends the election holiday WORKING. We are not off to Cote d'Azur in August but rather trying to finish that book, experiment or paper so that we can keep our jobs.

  16. explain, please.  

    try as i might, i've never been able to figure out why columbia likes to be so antagonistic to our happiness. is this payback for original sin? is that what's going on here?

  17. Anonymous  

    HAHA This school is the absolute most fucking ridiculous institute ever created. "Solutions" from weekend exams to getting rid of Election Day break to taking exams after Christmas break? Does any of this actually make any sense?! And all because it's an "inconvenience" for professors? I'm pretty sure WE are the ones who are paying this school, not them.

  18. Ask California  

    Sounds like it's protesting season.

  19. Anonymous

    WE have so few days off in the fall semester because our Fridays are so easy and laid back..

    • speak  

      for yourself. I have never had a free Friday at Columbia, between classes, recitations, and labwork. If anything, Friday is one of my most stressful days.

      (interestingly, my recaptcha is "diverts school")

      • yeah but...  

        ...on the whole, for the majority of undergrads, fridays are much lower key days than the rest of the week. I know science majors (and people taking languages) often have a fully day of class/lab, but I haven't had a Friday class in 3 years. Talking to my friends at other schools, this is definitely something pretty unique to Columbia, as most of my friends elsewhere have classes regularly on Friday.

        • Anonymous  

          Yes, but if you calculate the number of hours the average Columbia student spends in class, and compare it with someone taking a comparable number of classes elsewhere, you will usually find that the Columbia student spends a ridiculous amount of time in class. Not to even touch upon the amount of time that needs to be spent on hw, studying etc. So Fridays off (I have yet to have a class on a Friday) doesn't change as much as you think.

  20. Anonymous  

    Can we please have a protest? This is one cause I can really get behind.

  21. guys  

    can we please stop pussyfooting around the real issues here and have a real discussion here?


    we need time-turners - prezbo, get on your it!

  22. i want to know  

    the names of the faculty who are proposing this
    so we can send protest emails to them individually.

  23. Anonymous  

    I think we should start a week earlier before Labor Day, still get Election Day break, and get out one week earlier so we don't have to buy expensive plane tickets. That makes it so no school days are lost or gained.

    • ...  

      no kidding, this is the easiest thing to do. faculty and staff, get off your high horses and use that link to schedule day care for your children. who are the customers here? I believe it is me, sitting in my mcbain shaft double, who has a right to leave this place to go see my family at christmas time.

    • Labor Day  

      By starting Labor Day weekend, flights are more expensive than they would be a week earlier, anyway. It would save the students who aren't from the tri-state area a lot of money at both the beginning and the end of the semester if they were to move the semester up a week.

      And honestly, I'm sure there are plenty of responsible students who could babysit for professors if it was needed for that week before labor day. I definitely know people who babysit for professors.

  24. ...  

    see here, this is a real calendar:

    it really is that simple. why does columbia have to fuck up something so incredibly simple?

  25. exams

    on weekends? that is un fucking acceptable

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