1. Anonymous  

    Supposed to boost morale by reminding us of the things that don't suck during midterms?

  2. Anonymous  

    Wouldn't running through a fountain hurt?
    And Diana is barnard, blah blah blah...

  3. Anonymous  

    Definitely the work of CCSC. Note Columbia College crown, not Columbia University crown on flyers.

  4. Don't  

    you love the vag?

  5. Cool font  

    but the "f" is offset half an inch down. That's a deal breaker, my OCD can't handle it.

  6. Anonymous  

    water low fountains is nasty. also, not nearly big enough to "run through." these are poor examples of thing to love about columbia.

  7. fact check?  

    also one of them had pinned onto it: "I had an abortion"


  8. Anonymous  

    didnt mean to post last bit as "fact check" er.

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