Spotted: Man on Wire

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  1. spectrum  

    any exorcisms on campus this year? those were unusual

  2. omg  

    let the effin' guy alone. now he's going to be all self-conscious.

  3. seas kid  

    that's a slack line, actually.

    and i prefer to call them by their real name, the korean campus crusade for cthulhu.

  4. they  

    did that last year in front of Lewisohn and let a bunch of people join in. it was a lot of fun, I tried it

  5. chris yee  

    is the biggest fuckwad on campus. he's such a pretentious dick which is funny cause he has a really small one.

    (Hi Chris I love you :) If you can guess who this is I'll buy you a waffle!)

  6. Anonymous  

    awww slack line...reminds me of home

  7. nostalgia  

    I miss the days of the exorcisms...

  8. it's called


  9. exorcisms  

    they will be back...

  10. Anonymous  

    Yeah, slackline!

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