Overseen on Facebook: Midterms Edition

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Midterms are upon us, and everyone just has to know about it. Here are some digital overheards from Facebook that remind us that break is so close yet so far away:

Overseen 1


Overseen 3

Overseen 4

Overseen 5But what’s this? A bonus overseen! A Bwogger reported that last night, a Butler employee was seen carrying two empty 40’s of Bud Light and putting them in the café recycling bin. Some people take study breaks… others take study breaks.

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  1. good  

    job as the first one is probably 99% a mark hay status.

    just sayin'

  2. oh yes  

    probability of Mark Hay-ism: 100%

  3. haha  

    whoever submitted the last status has his/her facebook language set to pirate

  4. Anonymous  

    lol @ bwog's attempt to hide the fact that two of these statuses are from the same person. and i can't think of anyone whose statuses deserve to be published more than his do.

  5. there are, in fact  

    TWO mark hay statuses (stati) featured. I know because I have been stalking him on facebook.
    Ooooooh spooky!

  6. Anonymous  

    Although my gateway status ostensibly has nothing to do with midterms, it was penned during the midst of the gateway midterm presentation. I was clearly quite bored and felt like stringing random words together and out came this status, whatever. Really, I was just biding my time and procrastinating but I was already bored watching japanese game shows on youtube so go figure.

  7. yo nalbz  


  8. Anonymous

    any advice on gulati's principles exam

  9. or...  

    i think my current status is more appropriate.

  10. Anonymous

    so typical---mark hay writes a bwog article about fb statuses using his own contrived statuses.

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