1. nymag article

    I think you need to fix the first link at the top:

  2. problem

    there's no link on the first headline

  3. I can't believe

    Barnard always brings Columbia down with such a bad name/'s bad enough they're top 30, but the fact they have to create negative press is just too much

  4. Architecture

    Someone needs to post that article on PrezBo's door, Martin Luther style.

  5. ...  

    "The outside resembles a cooling unit, another depressing entry in Columbia’s unproud tradition."

    what did i say? large hvac unit. that's right. and i don't care if the triangular whathaveyous mirror the invisible triangular truss system that makes up the foundation on dodge hall. the foundation is invisible.

    although duder wasn't so critical towards the diana, he even said nice things about the color. probably because he's a hipster and thinks 70s washer/dryer sets are vintage and cool.

  6. i like it  

    reviewer calls the NW science building "a refined and exquisitely rational research center that nevertheless manages to look tough and intrusive". i basically agree, but i have no problem with those adjectives and i think it looks great. moreover, i don't think the author had a very good understanding of exactly how it will impact people-flow and interact with its surroundings.
    most importantly, of course, it will attract researchers and create more space for vital scientific work

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