Cart Chronicles: The Dosa Dilemma

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Welcome to Cart Chronicles. Bwog can’t keep track of all the dosa/falafel/street meat carts in a five-block radius of the Gates, and we’re guessing you can’t either. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive tour of the world of Morningside carts. First, we bring you a breaking news update on the New Kid in Town: the Dosa Man. Now, he’s the Second Newest Kid On the Block!

“Too much money this guy wants. I will interview only when I get my own cart,” declared the new Dosa Man when asked if he’d speak to Bwog. While the Dosa man (who shall remain anonymous until his demands for his own spot on Columbia’s happening cart lot are met) was enthusiastic to speak to “the press” about his unique culinary vocation (watch out, Hooda), he informed your cart correspondent that he wants his chronicle to be about his “personal cart”and not the “expensive rental” which he plans wiggle in within the next two weeks. Who knew there was Dosa drama? Either way, make sure to stop by and say hello to this friendly new face on the block with a killer $5 dollar lunch deal. Keep in mind he needs all the support he can get—within the past 48 hours, the market has gotten hot with the new Rice Plate Cart  and the Hot Dog Cart that have found a way to squeeze their competitive capitalist vehicles into the stagnant sixteen feet between the Dosa machine and the 116th gates.

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  1. lol  

    one time, i was flat broke and had only$1.75. i bought a hot dog from the hot dog cart outside broadway for lunch and waited for my paycheck to come through (it was payday friday). i spent the rest of the day on the toilet.

  2. seriously  

    What's up with the food cart arms race? Is Columbia renting the space out or is the city, has it always been this way?

    Oh, and Hooda Halal is still the best.

  3. GOOD IDEA  

    Great idea for a column. I wonder where you came up with it...

  4. hmmm,  

    Nothing beats Chicken and Rice on 53rd and 6th though!

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