ESC: Invasion of the Grad Students

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Though the Engineering Student Council began the process of Constitutional Review yesterday evening, it was preceded by a normal meeting. Grad Student dramz, Gender Neutral Housing, and so on. Sean Zimmermann reports, with help from Heidi Ahmed.

Timur Dykhne and Arseniy Kukanov of Engineering Graduate Student Council proposed splitting the two Engineering senate seats – currently, as both schools are under the same Dean, they are considered to be the same school, and therefore graduate students compete with undergraduates for senate seats. Undergraduate Senator Rajat Roy believes the initiative “is a personal affront to Cherie and me,” and explained that both he and Cherie have attended all EGSC meetings that did not conflict with Senate. Members of the council also explained that since there are more engineering grad students than undergrads, if they are unable to motivate their constancy to back them, then they should not be rewarded for their students’ inaction. In a vote held during last night’s meeting, the council was in favor of leaving the senate seats as they are.

President Green reported that the reason the administration postponed Gender-Neutral Housing Initiative was that the administration wants to know how the proposal “will affect other [non-LGBTQ] communities” She also commented that the administration wants to “develop more of a concrete information base for visitors and prospies and parents.”

The council voted that whoever is elected for VP policy during this coming E-Board election will assume the “de-facto” role of VP policy for the rest of the semester until they are officially given the title next year. This would fill the open position, and also enable to the person to develop experience before receive the title officially next semester.

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  1. I think you mean  

    "motivate their constituency"

  2. the voice of reason  

    I think that the current system is legitimate. The graduate and undergraduate schools have equal numbers of students and hence the playing field is quite level. It is not the fault of the undergraduates if graduate students are less involved in university life.

  3. Who the fuck  

    is Cherie?

  4. postponing

    gender-neutral housing is one of the worst bureaucratic moves the university has made in the past few years. The proposed policy wouldn't even affect first years, and Columbia never mentions any of their other housing changes in their admissions material in any given year. Looks like someone got a little defensive about the media coverage.

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