This Is A Sick World: Midterms Edition

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As of 1:55 PM today, there was not a single seat in the Reference Room. Even the bad ones in the back are taken!

Bwog swooped in, planted our stuff (sorry sorry), and headed out to the Steps only to find a wood coffin planted on Low Plaza. A few students in black suits handed us flyers alerting us of the death of Sylvia Grossman, and linking us to this website. We have no idea what this is about (even a little bit), but we do know that the coffin was filled with backpacks, and the black suit-wearers didn’t seem especially torn up. UPDATE: Bwog was fooled! CUPlayers are putting on Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral this semester.

We also got a tip that there was some Public Safety hullabaloo at Greenborough? Comment if you saw/heard/know anything.

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  1. I'm pretty sure...  

    CUPlayers are performing Grandma Sylvia's Funeral this semester.

  2. I'm even more sure...  

    That you should see it, it goes up the weekend after we get back from spring break.

  3. stop  

    Bwog, you're showing too much of your're becoming unrelatable and starting to show your bias ...STOOOPPPPPPP

  4. really?  

    You say that as if Bwog never had any bias before. I'm pretty sure no one considers Bwog their unbiased news source.

  5. Grandma Sylvia's Funeral  

    is going to be AMAZING.

    RIP Sylvia.

  6. Anonymous  

    Haha, wow Bwog, you guys are out of touch.

  7. spectrum  

    knew immediately.

  8. pic

    ecoreps leader == greenzo

  9. hullaballoo  

    greenborougher's python escaped cage, public safety called to scene, only 2 SICers missing at this time

  10. Anonymous

    Guerrilla publicity = the best! Props, Grandma Sylvia's.

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