Bwoglines: There Are a Lot of Them!

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Photo: The New York Times

Corey Haim, dead at 38. (New York Post)

Two Columbians have made it to the next round of the STA World Traveler Internship competition. Go ahead and vote for Spencer Oberman, GS ’12, and Reni Calister, BC ’11–you can even pick both of ’em! (STA Travel, which doesn’t actually stand for anything.)

Coyotes are passé: watch out for ANGRY OPOSSUMS. (Gothamist)

More city students are graduating on time! (The New York Times)

St. John’s, our pals in Queens, pulled off a major upset of the UConn men’s basketball team. (

But you have so much to live for! Oh, wait… (The New York Times)

Midterms keeping you up? This bad? (NYT Opinionator)

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  1. i know it's artistic

    but putting statues that look like jumpers on top of buildings is such an incredibly horrible idea. the police, as per their usual efficiency, are going to respond to calls made at the scene anyway in case real jumpers use the statues as a cover, and paranoid pedestrians are going to be even more paranoid. dear artist: thank you for wasting more of new york's time and money. was that suppose to be your real installation?

  2. really?  

    I always thought that STA stood for Student Travel Agency...

  3. sooo  

    i don't know either of these people personally, but based on their videos, reni>spencer. everybody should go vote for reni right now!!

  4. SPENCER  


  5. ...  

    hahahaha it's national sleep awareness week!

  6. Upset?  

    St. John's beating UConn this year is absolutely NOT a "major upset." UConn has been subpar this year by almost anyone's standards. Sure they've beaten some good teams, but they've lost to some bad ones too. Not to mention that the Huskies were the No. 12 seed in the Big East tournament and the Red Storm wasn't far behind as the No. 13. St. John's won by more than expected, but that still doesn't make it a major upset. Further proof that Bwog knows nothing about sports.

  7. Disagree

    I think both the STA videos are pretty good, especially compared to some of the other ones I watched. But if I had to choose, I think I'd go with Spencer. She seems cool and a little flashier than Reni, but without being too overbearing. Plus, I really liked how she edited her video- it was way more interesting to watch than some of the others...

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