1. YES:  

    I am definitely wearing my pair of Tevas right now as I type this.

  2. Anonymous  

    those are definitely vibram five fingers in the picture.

  3. Tevas  

    are utterly and completely horrible. Please avoid.

  4. Old...  

    I have had a pair of Teva sandals since age 12...

  5. Tevas  

    are utterly and completely horrible. Do please avoid.

  6. There is little  

    I hate more than the ickiness of Teva webby sandals. We are humans, not frogs. Please clad your feet in something more pleasing to the eye.

  7. PS:  

    Those sandals in the picture? Not Tevas.

  8. as others have noted  

    those are vibram five fingers. the theory goes that those things are better for your feet than real shoes.

  9. what about  


    Birkenstocks > Tevas

  10. Anonymous  

    oh please. Teva's in NYC? Silly. But when you're, you know, actually engaging with nature, Teva's=amazing.

  11. Anonymous  

    can you disgustingly smell unshowered people not wear sandals to class? the kid next to me today had such stinky feet. please shower before wearing them!

    • meh  

      my feet smell bad in sandles regardless of how recently i showered and i'm a pretty normal- to good-smelling person - i think certain types just make the feet sweat, but they're a sign of spring.... so i say suck it up

  12. Anonymous  

    chacos, anyone?

  13. In Quebec  

    we wear our tevas with socks.

  14. Texan  

    I don't like anything that too closely resembles the word TEXAS...namely taxes and tevas

  15. Anonymous  

    i don't like anything that is Texas. including texans

  16. i feel the need to point out...  

    ...that there are full on TEVAS

    and then there are tevas?

    i'm not quite sure what they're trying to do. maybe make adjustable velcro straps fashionable?

  17. Anonymous  

    texas. if it weren't for scarface, the geto boyz, and devin the dude, the state would have nothing of value.

  18. reefs  

    are so much better than tevas

  19. Tevas

    I think tevas are pretty cute. They've certainly never bothered me, especially the type in the second link above. Those toe webbed-feet thing though, those are pretty creepy.

  20. uck  

    are these really that widespread? I didn't know that anyone other than hippies and lesbians had the poor shoe-taste to wear those things. there are so many shoes that are just as comfortable but not hideous...

  21. Anonymous  

    just stop

  22. Tevas and Birkenstocks  

    are both hideous. That is probably why this is the only country in the world where their use is widespread. No one else in the world would be caught dead in them.

  23. don't know  

    Birkenstocks, but in terms of tevas you're straightup wrong (they're an israeli brand and worn all over the place).

    also, they're not a fashion accessory - your comment is kind of like saying running shoes are ugly ... their point is to keep your feet safe and comfortable when doing particular activities (e.g. you'd be falling on your ass the whole time trying to negotiate streams/rivers in flip flops)

  24. CUZ  

    I'M RIGHT!

    ... and fashion is for douche-bags

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