1. sad story  

    was up last night, heard them coming by. looked outside and there was redbull on every door along my hall save mine. I cried.

  2. Anonymous  

    i took them from other peoples' doors.... a gift from god.

  3. Anonymous  

    that shit got me through the night. this is the first time I've appreciated a frat. bravo.

  4. Anonymous  

    which frat was this?
    and why?

  5. Anonymous  

    EX, promo deal
    correct me if i'm wrong

  6. This was  

    a godsend. Now time for Spring Break!

  7. Know your Latin

    You mean "i.e," not "e.g."

    e.g. = exempli gratia = for the sake of example
    i.e. = id est = that is to say

  8. Redbull  

    is an evil cult, that will lead to the destruction of the world as we know it.

  9. Redbull Fairy  

    This was not a frat promotion. Red Bull loves you. If you didn't have one on your door, one of your floormates took it.

  10. They were not from a frat  

    It was a gift from Red Bull! They were in Carman and McBain Too!!

  11. disgruntled paper writer  

    Where's the redbull fairy now? I need you :( I'm in Schapiro...writing a paper due later today :(

  12. Red Bull is nice  

    Got it in Broadway, too. Luv that shiz!

  13. Spring Break is coming  

    There were Red Bull fairies at Karaoke Klash a week ago. Chinese food and Red Bull, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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