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Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Amsterdam at 112th Street
The Episcopal Campus Ministry offers Columbia and Barnard free, simultaneous tours of the world’s largest cathedral. Register at: [email protected] or 212-316-7427 by April 22nd. What students have said about the tour: “This tour was truly amazing. Our guide was awesome (even stayed around later to show us more parts of the cathedral). Loved it!” “As a civil engineering student, I was blown away by the engineering feats present in every aspect of the Cathedral and the incredible amount of history. To hear that it was all built adhering to traditional methods of stonework only added to the sense of incredulity.”

Vertical Tour: Have a physical experience by climbing more than 124 feet through spiral staircases inside the walls to the top of the world’s largest cathedral. Get a close look at the magnificent stained glass windows with figures twice the size of a normal person, study the architecture of the nave while standing on a buttress, and get up close and personal with the triforium and the clerestory. Discover sacred geometry. Find out what exists between the roof and ceiling, and get on the roof to view Morningside Heights.

Highlights Tour: Discover soaring stonework and brilliant stained glass windows in the bustling nave, serene chapels, and awesome baptistry. Learn about a classically built cathedral. What are the Chapels of the Tongues, what is a grotesque, why does one depict the Twin Towers and a crashing bus, and how large are the Greater and Lesser Rose Windows? Find the stained glass window with Columbia’s seal, and the one for the Titanic. Are there really bays for sports and the armed forces? And how do they get water out of the baptismal font?

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