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RoomHop once again with Bwog’s Carolyn Ruvkun to check out this John Jay resident’s epistolary memorabilia. If you believe your room should be Hopped, please email [email protected] with pictorial evidence.

“I consider myself a nostalgic person,” reflects Will Hughes, CC’13. He salvages his memories with a commemorative collage covering every inch of his John Jay single’s walls. Not even a speck of his white walls peaks out from under the collection of posters, art, flyers, letters, photographs, and sketches. “Everything in the room has a story behind it,” Will promises. He points out the postcards from his friend Shelby as examples of the “moments captured” on his walls. “She lives in Los Angeles and I’m from the Bay area, so we’ve had an epistolary friendship for a while. Over the summer, we sent postcards everyday and now we try once a week.” Shelby is responsible for much of the art in Will’s room, including a red-eyed dragon cartoon inspired by a sketchy encounter with Shia LeBeouf. “I’m definitely blessed with artistic friends,” Will admits. “When everyone goes off to college, they miss their friends and this is a fun way to think about them. They all know about my room and send me stuff for it.”

While Will’s walls display his sentimentality, his curtains reveal his pragmatism. After seeing the phrase “There will be no miracles here” in the subway, Will decided that it fit his personal outlook and deserved to be painted onto his curtain. “People see it and say, ‘that’s so depressing,’ but,” Will defends, “I really feel it is empowering: I’m going to make my own way, do shit myself without miracles to save me.” He puts his level-headedness to good use as the Stage Manager of this year’s V-show.

Other highlights of Will’s walls include a “No More Monkey Business” poster about the Scopes trial, an “Assorted Barnard Cookies” label and a massive “Now Serving Crepes” sign from a European internet café. Quirky trinkets, like the ceramic eggplant he found by a gutter, line his stocked bookshelves. Will stores his substantial record collection in crates by his bed and keeps his record player on his dresser. “I like the whole process of playing a record more than just hitting a button,” he explains.

To offset the hodge-podge aesthetic of his walls, Will created striking clean lines running across his ceiling by randomly stringing and taping blue and red yarn. “I really like the shadows you get when the light is on,” Will says, as he flicks on the lamp that he rescued from a street corner.

And what’s in store for next year? “I like the turnover. I’ll probably update it with newer postcards.”

“A lot of people are overwhelmed by my room,” Will acknowledges, “but I’ve had everything in here for a while, so I’m reminded of something rather than experiencing it for the first time. The room has been an undertaking, but it was definitely a labor of love.”

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  1. that's not...  

    ...nostalgia, that's a hoarding disorder.

    points for being a creative hoarder, at the very least.

  2. wow  

    that ceiling decoration is wonderful.

  3. I Love Will!

    Will is absolutely wonderful and his room is an artistic representation of his unique style and refreshing individuality. I applaud him for understanding that where he lives is an expression of who he is. Also, he is genius for incorporating that floor lamp into his decor. Good lighting sets the mood, and no one looks attractive under those hideous John Jay florescent atrocities.

    You're a rock star, Will! :)

  4. Will Hughes  

    can be found in the dictionary next to "awesome."

  5. Eat Fresh?  

    'After seeing the phrase “There will be no miracles here” in the Subway...'

    Why capitalize Subway? makes it sound like the fastfood place.

    but freal, nice to see someone do some interesting shit with their room...wanna know what those records are/if they make up for that varsity show poster.

  6. Will  

    is the best. Love.

  7. CC'10 resident cougar  

    i could definitely do some dirty, dirty things in that room. if it weren't in john jay and if that wouldn't make me a complete pedo.

  8. A Person  

    I bet the room will be a pain to clean up once move-out day rolls around.

  9. Gawd

    I wouldn't want to be the one moving him out.

  10. The International Drew

    At least on the Jestrum, the commenters are open about being smug psych wankers who shit on people's taste.

  11. this room

    is coooooool!!!!!

  12. will

    is the best. the pictures totally capture the room. i know. i have been in his room.

  13. social butterfly

    Why I have I known like everyone you've done a RoomHop for, Bwog? When's it my turn?

  14. Why  

    can we get a picture of the room resident, please?

  15. Will!!  

    Will is by far one of the best people I've met here, and we're not even that close. He's just so incredibly intelligent and engaging to be around, it's really remarkable. He is the best!!!

  16. This Author  

    Room Hop is consistently the most well-written feature...enough Mark Hay, more of this girl!!

  17. Hillary  

    I love you willy. Be mine?

    also the words that i had to type in were "in smokies"


  18. FireArt John

    Ooh! Wills aunt Lindsey Nakashima knitted that blanket! Love seeing the creative gene express.

  19. FireArt John

    ... in another generation. (Arghh - damn iPhone!)

  20. you should

    hop will's room every year. .......then after 4 years he can have photos of his room hops to add to his walls in his new place

  21. Lindsey

    Hi Will! Love your room, and love you! Thanks for sharing this, John...

  22. That would be Aunt Lindsey...

    just to clarify...

  23. JJ 13-er

    I love Will Hughes!

  24. Gram N

    Will, you're getting a 'nostalgia' picture in the snailmail from me. I'll painfully part with it.

  25. Lida

    That's my Now Serving Crepes banner!
    it's from an internet cafe in Lake Tahoe, not Europe though...
    Love you Will!

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