1. ummm

    is this even legal?

  2. I don't know...  

    but it is very entertaining so I approve.

  3. yo

    unless you got the person's permission I would take this down. It's not as bad as publishing somebody's private messages but still kind of an invasion of personal space.

    • hey yo

      What Bwog is doing here is basically what lamebook or facebookfails have been doing for a much longer time... and they are much less strict about their censorship, even leaving first names or full profile pics sometimes.

      So chill out; if those sites are still around, there's nothing wrong with Bwog doing the same--just in a more Columbia-centric fashion.

  4. agreed

    this is shaky business bwog has involved itself in

  5. yoooo

    who ever is running bwog now is definitely a sophomore god i fucken hate sophomores!

  6. Harmony Hunter

    is this facing towards harmony. hall or away because I think my friend Bobby is trapped there and he's diabetic.
    so he needs my help if anyone knows how to get there PLEASE email me.

  7. surfin' UWS  

    ACTUALLY if the profile is public there's no issue whatsoever.

  8. Profile Owner

    This profile isn't public actually. Uhhm. Creepy :/

  9. Anonymous

    um both names are blocked out so what's the issue, plus it might have been sent to whomever posted it.

  10. wait  

    wouldn't this mean that the person who printscreened this has to be friends with both people?

    was the printscreener stupid enough to not ask both people for permission?

  11. hmmm

    if you can google it then you are in the clear.

  12. McBain Creepster

    I for one welcome this abuse of privacy and editorial standards. Next can you post some private Spring Break pictures of your hot friends? Say its for that fashion series you do.

  13. Bwog  

    New Bwog board has dropped the ball multiple times since taking office. Spectrum is moving in.

  14. this is creepy

    bwog, you are really pullin' out all the looks desperate

  15. yeah  

    i know who that is...

  16. I have an idea...

    I'm going to start a new Columbia blog, which means I need volunteers to help me shit all over the existing Columbia blogs in their comment sections. Nothing wins readers like anonymous, spammy pot-shots, after all!

    Anyone interested?

  17. Just Plain Dumb  

    Why should people's facebook miscellany interest the bwog reading public at all? I'm glad someone at bwog found this mildly interesting, but these vacuous b.s. posts are the reason I don't check bwog anymore.

  18. so

    this isn't funny at all.

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