Bwoglines: Changes Over the Break Edition

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Mmm... spring!Spring arrived! History professor Simon Schama weighs in. (BBC)

There is now a five-minute grace period before NYC drivers get tickets for expired meters, making for a potentially interesting move-out day. (NYDaily)

Don’t take up more than one seat on the subway… the NYPD is stepping up and you might just get a ticket for it. (Gothamist)

Officials confirm that two recent deaths at Cornell were suicides, bringing the school’s total this academic year to six. (CNN)

The New York Post stereotypes Columbia’s Greek scene.

Services were held yesterday for Albert Rosenthal, former Law School dean, who passed away last Wednesday. (Spec)

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  1. I call bs  

    on that NY post article. There is no way that 30% of our undergrads are in greek life. They didn't attribute that or anything and I won't believe it until I see a source.

  2. URC  

    the number they give out during tours is "over 20%"

    and nypost calling DG girls bitchy made my life

  3. Alas

    A reputable source (that the NYPost article shamelessly cribs from) confirms it:

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