Chris Elizondo Is Your New ESC President

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Sean Zimmermann reports from ESC’s E-Board Election.

Santosh Balachandar, Carla Williams, Christopher Elizondo, Heidi Ahmed, and Narayan Subramanian

ESC has voted tonight to elect Chris Elizondo as its new council president.

Christopher Elizondo, a Biomedical Engineering major and the current ESC VP for Student Life, opened his bid for the presidency by saying, “tonight I’m here to win … for every student who calls Columbia home.” Chris has served on council for three years, and explained, “I don’t like bureaucracy; I like to cut through it.”

Elizondo explained that he wanted to review many of the problems in Mudd, such as slow elevator speed, a lack of classroom space, and a library that does not meet students needs. He explained that Mudd needs a place where students can meet outside of the engineering library.

The new President quoted another wise leader, Albus Dumbledore, during his speech: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” He also explained that his “definition of leadership starts with service” and wants to continue serving the council.

Updates to come.

Update (11:53 PM): The council has elected Narayan Subramanian as the new VP Intergroup. He ran against Jennifer Vettel.

Update (12:20 AM): Heidi Ahmed has been elected VP Policy, after Zak Accuardi withdrew, claiming that “Heidi would be a better VP Policy.”

Update (12:37 AM): Santosh Balachandar has been elected VP Student Life. He ran unopposed.

Update (1:21 AM): Carla Williams has been elected Secretary, winning against freshman president Mary Byers.

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  1. Anonymous  

    It would be nice to know who is running for the other ESC e-board positions....

  2. Yay!  

    I don't know this Chris, but if he beat Heidi, then he must be godly. Best to both!

  3. It's lame  

    that we can't vote for our president. I would have voted for Heidi. But congrats Chris, and good luck!

  4. Anon  

    1) We'll be getting a new library in the Northwest Science Building.
    2) We'll be getting new classroom space because of the Northwest Science Building
    3) The elevators are crazy fast during the off-peak times.
    4) Maybe we can find some sort of lounge... we can name it after an alum... and place it at the front entrance.

  5. Boo:  

    Heidi should have won.

  6. Anonymous  

    congrats chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    woooooo schooool boooooooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous  

    Yes! I love Chris. He is such a great guy. And a really hard worker. He definitely deserves it! Congrats Chris. I know you'll do a good job!

  8. Anonymous  

    wow...jenni defeated by a freshman

  9. My God  

    They're all a bunch of incestuous tools!

  10. I love Chris  

    And congrats!

    But seriously, the Mudd elevators are some of the fastest on campus. But there are a lot of people using them at 9am, 1030, 1, etc, when classes are starting. And there are only 3. The freight elevator is kinda slow. The only thing you could do is rebuild Mudd with more elevators, really. I call "not it" on that job.

    But my point is, despite the fact that nothing can really be done about the elevators (trust me, what can be done has already been done by clever alum), Chris rules.

  11. AronSora were we suppose to vote...cause I missed it.

  12. GO CHRIS  

    GO CHRIS!!! wooohooo!!!!

    I think it would really speed up the Mudd elevators if they disabled going below the 4th floor at peak hours. So much time is wasted doing that.

    Furthermore they could implement an "express system" where the elevator might only service floors 4, 7, 10 or only even numbers.

    This would actually be a neat problem to model in the intro programming classes...*goes to email adam cannon*

  13. woo!  

    go narayan! he's the sweetest, i'm so happy for him! :)

  14. that's what i'm talkin about  

    elizondo's got charisma in spades, something heidi woefully lacks. she's a sweet girl, and i'm 100% certain her heart is in the right place, but i'm glad elizondo won.

    mr. prez, we're expecting some big things for senior (or as much as we can from student council)

  15. PS  

    not sure if "el presidente" is a term of endearment or some "sly" racialist joke about chris' last name. really hoping it's the former, bwog.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      No worries, it most certainly is not. We refer to every other president on this campus-- mostly PrezBo-- as El Presidente because we think it's funny.

  16. ...  

    here we go... first it starts with library improvements, then once they get their dirty mits in there it becomes a full on takeover of the library by student government. quality goes down, the invisible hand of ambrose monell is tied and everything goes to shit. next thing you know, walking around in mudd will feel like taking a stroll through the eastern bloc. the elevators will become worthlessly slow, the library furniture replaced with scraps salvaged from dorms. who is this guy anyway? is he even in seas? why won't he produce his transcript? WHERE IS THE TRANSCRIPT?

  17. Stephen D'Alessio

    congrats Chris.

  18. Anonymous  

    who WOULDNT be able to beat jenni

  19. Melissa  

    Chris, Heidi, Narayan, Carla and Santosh Congratulations!

  20. Anonymous  

    GO CARLA!!!

  21. Anonymous  

    brown people dominate!

  22. ...  

    To all of the insults posted under anonymous identities... good job guys. Real mature.

  23. no carla  

    BOO CARLA. she takes her being ta for stats WAYYYYY to seriously.

  24. Anonymous  


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