It’s Official: Spring Has Sprung!

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Although the cold drizzle outside today may have led you to believe otherwise, spring is here, and nothing officially heralds the season better than the Morningside Heights restaurants (hmm, except maybe you, Mill Korean!). Oh, outdoor seating, how we’ve missed you:

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  1. hey bwog  

    when are you doing senior profiles?

  2. Anonymous  

    Mill Korean is one of the best restaurants in the area. Don't hate bwog.

  3. where  

    is artopolis? =(

  4. Huh?  

    Why not Mill Korean? They have chairs out.

  5. amsterdam?  

    how about a little love on the other side of campus?
    Amsterdam is home to Artopolis, Hungarian and lets not forget, Haakon's - the one place NOT infested with freshmen...

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