Barrio Fiesta 2010: How I Met Your Nanay

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@ Roone Arledge Auditorium – Alfred Lerner Hall

Every year, Liga Filipina puts on a self-written and self-produced theatrical performance, showcasing songs and dances (traditional and modern) that highlight Filipino culture and identity.

This spring semester, Barrio Fiesta is loosely based off the hit comedy, TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” The protagonist, Ned, is a hopeless romantic surrounded by some wacky friends—Marcial and Rose, who always come as a pair, and Barney, the self-appointed Casanova. By some stroke of Fate, he meets the beautiful and charming Raven, and it’s love at first sight . . . for Ned, at least. However, their relationship is put to the test when Ned is forced to choose between following the pragmatic plans of his old-fashioned parents or chasing after the love of his life.

As always, it’s a show and a meal for the price of one!

CUID Advance Sale: $7 CUID Day of Sale: $10 Non-CUID Sale: $10

Tickets may be purchased: 1. From TIC (Ticket and Information Center is located in the Lerner Hall lobby, next to Cafe 212). 2. Online:;jsessionid=CD303B28D25774C40D10F3C604440190

[email protected];jsessionid=CD303B28D25774C40D10F3C604440190

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