QuickTix: the Return

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It’s been a while, but today feels like an alternate Wednesday. That means the return of QuickTix, a look at what’s selling and what’s for sale at the TIC.We’re experimenting with categories, but expect to find big sellers and recommendations next week.

Tickets sold for campus events this past week: 457

And a few upcoming campus events on sale that cost nothing at the TIC: Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral is running two shows this Friday (3/26) and one Saturday (3/27), and they’re all FREE. Wordplay: a Festival of New Works, playing in Lerner’s Black Box tomorrow through Saturday, is free, too, and tickets to Columbia Stages’ production of The Country and the Happiness, running from 3/31-4/3 at Riverside Theatre, are also free.

Tickets sold for off-campus events this past week: 76

On sale: the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Hamlet, this Saturday, on sale for an eminently reasonable $31.50 (it’s Hamlet!), a 3/30 Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson ($21), and 3/25 and 3/28 productions of Glass Menagerie (3/31)

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  1. FREE FOOD!!!  

    It should be noted that NOMADS' Wordplay festival provides FREE FOOD at EVERY PERFORMANCE. Come one, come all!

  2. FREE FOOD!!!  

    Grandma Sylvia's Funeral will be providing bagels and lox. Woo!

  3. Hamlet  

    Will Ophelia's sassy gay friend be making an appearance?

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