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The Student Governing Board elected their new governing board last night in that most American of forums, the town hall meeting. Lisa Weber, CC ’11, will serve as chair for the organization, which represents “student organizations whose concerns are religious, spiritual, political, ideological, humanitarian or activist in nature.”  The meeting also determined just which student groups continue to meet those guidelines and warrant support and funding–adios, [email protected] The full announcement, in email form:

Thanks so much to all of you who came to Town Hall a few hours ago!

Congratulations to your new Student Governing Board members:

Chair: Lisa Weber

Vice-Chair: Elissa Verrilli

Treasurer: Rithu Ramachandran

Secretary: Amirah Sequeira


Joy Achuonjei

Maryam Aziz

Kanak Gupta

Beezly Kiernan

Siddhi Mittal

Aseel Najib

Stacy Ramcharan

And a warm welcome to our four new groups:

* Break the Silence

* Circle K


* Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

Colleges Against Cancer was recognized as a funded group, and Students Against Imperialism was recognized as Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (name change).

Thirteen inactive groups were de-recognized: End the Death Penalty, ICFC, Students for Organ Donation, Working Families Party, Ad Hoc, ACLU, Columbia Adaptive Sports Organization, Productive Outreach for Women, Students 4 Free Tibet, Students for Choice, Students United for America, Camp Kesem, and Columbia Coalition Against the War.

Two constitutional amendments regarding group coalition and individual coalition structures were also passed.

If you have any questions or for more info on anything that happened at Town Hall, feel free to email [email protected]

This will probably be the final email I send to the entire listserv…my eyes are watering. A fond and nostalgic farewell to this past year’s board and to graduating seniors in SGB groups–we’ll miss you and compose epic poems praising your service to this community. But next year (just around the corner) is gonna be great!

Democratically yours,

-the SGB

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  1. Fun Fact  

    Lisa Weber's awesomeness is the reason birds chirp in Spring.

  2. A Person  

    Congrats to Circle K for getting recognition! I know they tried multiple times.

    Also, Lisa Weber is super awesome!

  3. ermm  

    bwog, this is pathetic. where is list of groups these kids are from? copy/paste, u r just getting lazy

  4. sgb  

    is such a waste of time/resources.

  5. Arjun

    Congrats guys, great SGB e-board.

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