Bwoglines: Protest Edition

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Driven out of Canada, Anne Coulter claims to have been well received at the Ivies. (ThinkProgess)

Things are getting out of hand in the post-health care reform era. (Huffington Post)

Something that may deserve a few protests. (New York Post)

Columbia plans to live large, and hopes not to upset the neighbors. (NY1)

Apparently Columbia’s not so fun after all. (New York Mag)


  1. WSJ: prezbo, buffet & others rejected from harvard

    Columbia University President Lee Bollinger was rejected as a teenager when he applied to Harvard. He says the experience cemented his belief that it was up to him alone to define his talents and potential. His family had moved to a small, isolated town in rural Oregon, where educational opportunities were sparse. As a kid, he did menial jobs around the newspaper office, like sweeping the floor.

  2. except  

    The MTA service cuts deserve no protest. The MTA is required to balance its budget, and the state and city have not given it the money they promised it. What are they supposed to do instead?

    • um...  

      maybe they should roll back the overly generous wage increases and benefits the TWU gets regardless of the economic situation. In a world where wages are stagnant and people are losing jobs... does it make sense for some transport workers to get 11% pay raises?

  3. ann coulter and the spirit of 68  

    To be fair, she was pretty well (relatively) received at Columbia. Too well received. We're Columbia...could we not have charged the stage or something? I hate that fun political activism is dead on this campus.

    • CC '10  

      It's not so much that fun political activism is dead as that, last time Columbia stormed a stage (the Jim Gilchrist/Minutemen fiasco in '06), even Jon Stewart laughed at us. Nobody in the audience wanted to give Coulter that kind of attention.

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