Now’s Your Last Chance

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Bombed that midterm? Slept through one too many lectures? Don’t panic! Today’s your last chance to pass/fail a class. (Remember, you need a letter grade for core and language classes…damn you, Arabic!) It’s also the last day to drop a class if you’re in SEAS.

Get the form here. Now go to Kent and save that GPA.


  1. Riven  

    you do not need a form for changing P/D/F status of a class, just bring your CU ID and let them know which class you need changed.

  2. shudder

    arabic. 5 terrifying credits worth of gpa destruction.

  3. pretty sure

    you can't get pbk if you pass/fail a class, unless you end up uncovering the grade. I could be wrong about that, though. anyone know?

  4. is it a bad idea...  

    to p/d/fail a course for your major? i mean, it seems like it would be, but if it isn't then i'm going to!

    • well  

      i know in certain departments, you won't get credit for a major class that you p/f/d. i dont know if it applies to all majors, though.

    • supposedly

      You might not get credit for it. Also it probably looks bad, grad-school-wise (if that's your path).

      My advisor even heavily chastised me for P/F-ing a course that was in a department related (but completely separate) from my major's department, despite the fact that the material was completely unrelated to my field of study. I mean, I didn't listen to her, so take that with a grain of salt, but still.

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