The Leap of Ersatz!

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Diana Center Black Box

A new mixed media project of poetic and mythical lengths, The Leap of Ersatz! tells the story of an archetypal poet who returns to nature seeking meaning in a life filled with loss, disillusionment and mendacity. It is on this path, however, that Ersatz falls into a state of unconsciousness where for the first time he unveils his most hidden memories and desires. Conveyed through different media—including dance, film, music and paint—this theatrical experience unique to the Columbia/Barnard community will be the inaugural show at the Diana Black Box Theater.

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  1. 2010er  

    Impressive sound design, great choreography, fascinating visuals, and a talented cast. If you don't see it tonight, you'll be missing out on one of the strongest, innovative productions to come out of our theater community!

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