ROOTEd Allies Series: Addressing the “What Now?”

Written by

DIA 203 Diana Center, Barnard College

Coordinated and facilitated by ROOTEd members, the Allies Series is an intensive dialogue series, which confronts issues of social power and privilege on individual, organizational, and community-based levels. The goal of the series is to create a space for student organizations and individuals within the larger Columbia community to grapple with the complexities and expectations associated with being an ally. In the first week of programming, we unpack how student groups form on campus across numerous identities and what purpose a student organization may serve for its members and for the university community. During the second week, we explore what it means to be an ally across identities (on- and off- campus) and host a workshop where student leaders and their members can begin to build coalitions for future projects. Co-sponsored by: OMA, BOSS, Hillel, AAA, ADLS, CQA, Engineers Without Borders, and Turath

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