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Bwog’s New Works Associate Megan McGregor reports from last night’s WORDplay event “Weekend in Boomtown: Act One” with a newfound fear of individuals who watch too much television.

Beginning Thursday evening and running through Saturday evening, WORDplay: A Festival of New Works has dominated Lerner’s Black Box with theatrical innovation.  Each show consists of at least one new play and musical performance, with the exception of Friday night’s show, which only comprised a play.  The festival is sponsored by NOMADS, which has been producing undergraduate student-written creative works since 2003.

Friday night’s show premiered the first act of “A Weekend in Boomtown.”  “A Weekend in Boomtown,” written by Ariel Karlin BC ’10 and directed by Alyssa Lamontagne CC ’11, commences with a monologue by Becky, played by Katie Craddock BC ’13.  Becky addresses a mysterious man and the audience, discussing the house she comes to see everyday–the house from the fictional acclaimed television show, “Home and House.”  The mysterious man comes out of hiding, introduces himself as Sam, played by Adrian Soghoian CC ’10, and then knocks Becky unconscious.  Becky awakens inside a love-based community of people who love and are heavily influenced by “Home and House.” Realizing where she is and that she is unable to leave, Becky runs around the perimeter of the stage shrieking ear-splitting screeches. Craddock’s ability to act so absurdly with the utmost sincerity was extremely impressive. The remainder of the act develops around Becky’s interactions with the other members of the love-based community and her discovering of its foundations and inner workings.

Phil, a brother in the community, played by Taylor Owens CC ’11, introduces Becky to a sub-community within the initial one–a community that exists to give love and respect to the dog from “Home and House,” Filibuster.  Owens’ protrayal of Phil was, like Craddock’s, absurd but sincere and created an uproar in the audience. Overall, Karlin’s relatable yet hyperbolized portrayal of a cultish love for a television show in combination with convincing performances left the audience hysterical.

WORDplay: A Festival of New Works presents its final show this evening at 8 p.m. in the Lerner Black Box Theater.  At its conclusion, there will be an informal Q&A with free food.

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  2. Evan is such a stud  

    I can't believe Bwog forgot about the guy who played Evan! He was so awesome and rather cute at that!

  3. Evan  

    Was such a great character! Jesse Bakker FTW! BWOG how could you not talk about him?!

  4. Taylor Owens  

    is the best actor columbia has ever had

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