As Seen on College Walk: Stormy Weather

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It may have been the first week of spring, but Mr. Sun had yet to rear his golden head. Lots of rain was in the forecasts this week, and campus style adapted accordingly. The trend seemed to be towards deep tones, heavy fabrics, and dark boots; still, everyone expressed optimism about the warmer weather ahead.

Kim Smith, Visitor, College Walk

What brings you to Columbia? I’m visiting with my sister. I’m showing her around the area—Tom’s, the cathedral. . .

Where are you going? Oh man. Wherever the wind takes us. We’re looking for some good chocolate. . . we just went to Max Brenner; we went to Jacques Torres yesterday. I got a butterscotch milkshake in an Alice cup.

What’s your favorite dessert? Chocolate!

Morgan Jefferson, BC ’13, Barnard Quad

Where did you get your outfit? Topshop

Is it hard to coordinate outfits with the crutches? Yeah, because I have to wear this ugly boot!

What is your favorite class this semester? Anthropology.

Meron Gribetz, GS and Sara Frantzen, NYU; The Steps

What are your majors? Gribetz: Comp Sci & Neuro Sci. Frantzen: Art History & Business.

What inspired your outfits today? Gribetz: I was actually very inspired by Bob Dylan this morning. . . here, I’ll show you the pictures. (Pulls out iPhone and shows this and this). You know, this style of glasses became popular because of Bob Dylan. Frantzen: No inspiration really, I guess Bob Dylan’s sidekick!

What are you two most excited about for spring weather in New York? Both: Central Park, definitely. Gribetz I actually really like that little patch over there, Riverside Park, too.

Are you here for CCO? No—we were about to walk all the way downtown, but we got sidetracked by the performances.



  1. Anonymous  

    the 2nd girl has a cute skirt, but i don't really see anything original in any of the other outfits. meh.

  2. Oh God...  

    "The sound of a hundred insecure douches cracking their fingers ready to attack, engulfed Morningside..."

    Aim for the one with the crutches folks, she's weak and will far more easily.

  3. yay  

    ooo the second girl is so cute! She has such a sweet smile. I also like everyone's jackets.

  4. Anonymous  

    I think crutches looks nice, but the first girl looks foolish. Why was she chosen? Because I really don't see it. The couple is okay, but boring; I think about 60-70% of the campus dresses like that.

  5. anonymous


  6. lol

    what the hell is that pose by the first girl?

  7. hahahah

    the dude
    was inspired by bob dylan
    who the f* says that or even does that
    hahah ohhh artsy tools
    you amuse me

  8. hahahah

    the dude
    was inspired by bob dylan
    who the f* says that or even does that
    ohhh artsy tools
    how you amuse me

  9. hahaha  

    this dude
    had a double post
    who the f* even does that
    ohhh tech failures
    how you amuse me

  10. dear kim smith  

    you might have severely and unwittingly lowered your chances of getting in...

  11. me  

    that Kim girl was a waitress at Campo for like, a day

  12. grrr  

    there are more people in this that don't go to columbia than people who do

  13. question  

    is there any way to watch Sarkozy on TV/online?

  14. Anonymous  

    The second girl is really pretty!

  15. Anonymous  

    i <3 morgan...she's awesome!

  16. theyre  

    walking downtown in THOSE shoes?


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