1. Anonymous  

    Were they actually filming IN 1020 though?

  2. Also anonymous  

    I would guess so. I was there last night and there were signs outside saying they wouldn't open until 5 due to filming.

  3. Anonymous

    No they were just filming the gum on the sidewalk...DUH
    Why do people ask these trivial questions

  4. ooops  

    spectrum was there first

  5. Hooah  

    Good work today, Bwog! Lots of interesting posts, many live updates, and the willingness to link to a competitor's site when it had relevant information. I'm impressed. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. anon  

    You know, the fact that Speccies and their friends are making such rude and direct attacks on the Bwog makes me not want to read the Spectrum.

  7. Emma  

    Roberts is in this movie...

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