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Yesterday CCSC released its list of party tickets for the 2010-2011 year. The following are running for the executive board; class council candidates are below the jump.

The Naked Party

  • President: Eugenio Suarez
  • VP of Campus Life: Opal Hoyt
  • VP of Communications: Laura Gabriele
  • VP of Finance: Stephanie Wilhelm
  • VP of Policy: Beezly Kiernan

Stand Columbia

  • President: Learned Foote
  • VP of Campus Life: Andrea Folds
  • VP of Communications: Karishma Habbu
  • VP of Funding: Brandon Christophe
  • VP of Policy: Andrew Nguyen

Renew C.U.

  • President: Isaac Lara
  • VP of Campus Life: April Simpson
  • VP of Communications: Melissa Ann Im
  • VP of Finance: Alex Powell
  • VP of Policy: Anum Akram

Party Bus Party (bus) (2011)

  • President: Nuriel Moghavem
  • Vice President: Zack Susel
  • Class Representative: Vikas Anand
  • Class Representative: Roxanne Unger
  • Class Representative: Alex Kirk

The After Party (2011)

  • President: Sean Manning Udell
  • Vice President: Alexandra Coromilas
  • Representative: Andy Kim
  • Representative: Sonya Chandra
  • Representative: Tom Amegadzie

Access Columbia (2012)

  • President: Aki Terasaki
  • Vice President: Sarah Chai
  • Class Representative: Anoushka Vaswani
  • Class Representative: Jasmine Senior
  • 2012 Class Council: Virat Gupta

Incumbent Party (2013)

  • President: Alex Jasiulek
  • Vice President: Michelle Vallejo
  • Class Representative: Ryan Mandelbaum
  • Representative: Dylan Lonergan
  • Representative: Natalie Weiner

Grandma’s Tea Party (2013)

  • Representative: Eleanor Stein


  • University Senator: Kenneth Durell
  • University Senator: Meredith Perry
  • University Senator: Scott Maxfield
  • University Senator: Keianna Dixon
  • Student Services Representative: Richard Sun
  • Student Services Representative: Ganiatu Afolabi
  • Pre-Professional Representative: Kerry Morrison
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Annie Tan
  • Student Affairs: Ryan Cho

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  1. wow  

    we actually have really great senate candidates, for once.

    scott, kenny, keianna (in that order). never heard of meredith.

  2. Ooh  

    Hotties up in Stand Columbia! Yay Learned and Brandon!

  3. Bwog...  

    Spec had this about 2 days before you... you used to be the ones breaking the news...

  4. REally  

    Anum Akram? Are you serious?

  5. lottery #s  

    arent those realeased today? where r u bwog

  6. Vikram Pandit  

    Umm.. what do Senators do anyway?

  7. Alex Jasiulek  

    ... someone needs to run against him. He is simply horrible.

    • Alex Jasiulek(actually)  

      Whatever bruh I'm Alex Jasiulek and u better come say that shizz to my face before you go on bwog tryna make me look bad. Sheesh! Like really my council put in a lot of hours and dedication to making CC2013 and CC in general a better place this year so even if you don't like me as a person for some reason don't hate on our work b/c we do a damn good job. And if you have a problem then that's what feedback is for, you can email us any time with complaints and suggestions as long as they are constructive. Thanks! Have a great day mean person!

      • Hecks Yes  

        You tell it Alex. And seriously. If you had such a big problem with Alex, you could've emailed him with suggestions. Or put your money where your mouth is and run against him.

  8. ESC Bro  

    CCSC has some sweet party names. If only engineers were that clever...

    My (imaginary) vote is on the Party Bus Party

  9. Mike  

    why don't you run against him?

  10. Anonymous  

    tag of the week

  11. Anonymous  

    Nuriel Moghavem is the man, risk-taker and sharp, Isaac and Nuriel could really shake things up for the better.

  12. Isaac

    is too arrogant. Tone down the ego mah man!

  13. Oops

    I just realized now that Nuriel is a guy.

  14. Sweet Jesus, I beg all of you  

    If there are any thinking people on campus, Learned Foote will not be president. Mark my words. You will regret having a Ayn Rand cultist in any position of authority besides the authorized ability to hand out cupcakes. Grave moral fault attaches to any supporters of Stand Columbia. Jus' sayin....

  15. Party Bus Party  

    might just be the best name I have ever heard for a party!

  16. party bus party

    is so retarded
    whats the play on words there?

    i hope sean udell wins anyway!!!!

  17. yo party bus party

    is so retarded
    whats the play on words there?

    i hope sean udell wins anyway!!!!

  18. Who cares

    I don't even understand the student gov't. And I'm pretty sure thats THEIR job not mine. (To make me understand it that is)

  19. Candidates  

    i really like this year's line up for candidates. on second thought about senate, i think keianna is going to get it. she's really amazing.

    • a rising senior  

      not so fast - senators have 2 year terms and Keianna's going to be a senior (not to mention doing senior stuff) ... it might be better to have a fully invested underclassman *cough KENNY cough*

  20. three years??

    I think Learned Foote is overrated. Time for a new President. Between Alex, Aki, Nuriel, and Isaac, I'd go for Isaac.

  21. Eugenio  

    Who the hell is he?

  22. Eugenio  

    is treasurer of SGB and he's involved with the Cuban club (he helped found it I believe!)
    looks like he may actually bring a fresh outlook to ccsc. I say, go naked!

  23. ABOUT TIME  

    that laura g ran for something! yay

  24. nooooooooo  

    nooooo more learned foote
    a. his name is learned foote and b. he's been around for 3 yrs and still no one knows what the fuck he's achieved

  25. who in the world  

    is Isaac Lara

  26. Anonymous

    I heard Isaac Lara knows the last digit of pi.

  27. anonymous  

    i herd eugenio is related to chuck norris

  28. Anonymous  

    Learned Foote is hardworking, bright, compassionate and extremely dedicated - he has been and will continue to be a wonderful president.

  29. Anonymous  

    andrew nguyen overcompensates for any faults you might find in learned anyway

  30. ayn rand?  

    uhh i think hes gay dude, doubt hes an ayn rand supporter - prob more like marx or something

  31. Why is..  

    .. no one running against Aki and Sarah and their entourage for CC 2012?
    They are the closest thing to a clique on campus, we need less groupism, and more diverse representation.

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