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Between Culpa, [email protected], and that thing we can’t pronounce, we have a relatively wide selection of websites developed by Columbia students that provide services exclusively for Columbia students. Now, a new one has been released: I Saw You Columbia, a site for student missed connections. Sweet, sweet young lovers are asked to indicate where they saw their desired mate, and can write a short message to them. The site has only been running for a few days, but Bwog already has a favorite: Female spotting Male: Lit Hum class– “When our legs touch under the table it’s never an accident.”

Our doobie-sparking cousins to the North have their own version, as does Rutgers.

Go get ’em, tigers.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Go get em, "tigers"?

    What is this, Jersey?

    I demand that be changed to lions.

  2. ...  

    i fail to see the point of a missed connection post that cannot be responded to.

    and uh, anonymity is so aughties. bring on the psuedonyms...

  3. Mike  

    from now on I'm giving sultry glances to every self conscious-looking girl I see

  4. goodcrush is better!

    you can reply to missed connections, there...

  5. Anonymous

    this started at harvard actually...

  6. dearest mc  

    i noticed you, noticing me

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