Sex Worker Rights Advocacy Day

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Sex Worker Rights Advocacy Day at Columbia University
Monday April 5; 3pm-5pm
The Diana 203, Barnard College, New York City

Want to promote the rights of individuals in the sex trade industry? Interested in advocating for policy change?

Please join the¬†Sex¬†Workers¬†Project of the Urban Justice Center for an information and phone session to help pass the ‘No Condoms as Evidence’ Bill in the New York State Senate.

Presently, sex workers are hesitant to carry condoms with them for fear of being arrested by police and/or having condoms used as evidence against them in court.

Help us eliminate the fear of condom use and promote the health of sex workers as well as others in New York State!

**New York State Assembly Bill A03856 will make it illegal for police officers and prosecutors to use possession of condoms as evidence that people engaged in prostitution.**

Lend two hours to help protect the right to carry condoms and protect against sexually transmitted diseases without being charged with prostitution!

The event will include a training session on advocating on the state level for sex worker rights followed by a phone calling session to state legislatures to advocate for the passing of related bills. Training will be led by Sienna Baskin, Staff Attorney of the Sex Workers Project.

Light refreshments will be served!

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