Son of a Building Block! It’s Woody!

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Tipster Claire Bullen alerted us to the presence of some half-obscured, rather colorful posters around Hamilton seemingly advertising for Spanish tutors, yoga classes, an Archeology club, proof readers and drivers. Curious about a unifying theme, on closer inspection these posters all subtly alluded to Pixar’s Toy Story… It turns out they are in fact decoys, meant to promote a FREE SCREENING OF TOY STORY 3 for Columbia Students. What larks!

Photo by CCS

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  1. Anonymous  

    It's for a free screening of the "first 65 minutes" of Toy Story 3. They're not even showing you the whole movie...

  2. yeah  

    ...but it's toy story. the montage in the second with the sarah mclachlan song shattered my world. i don't expect the same, but still.......shattered!

    cute flyers.

  3. anon  

    even if the movie is crap, these flyers and the whole concept are win

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