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Let’s face it: we don’t exactly make life easy for our RAs (or Community Advisers, or Graduate Hall Directors). So let’s appreciate them–with a Day of Staff Appreciation! From an email from Residential Programs:

The Office of Residential Programs would like to invite you to join us in giving a shout-out to our Resident Advisers, Community Advisers, and Graduate Hall Directors tomorrow, March 31st! On Wednesday, we will be taking some time out as a campus to acknowledge the hard work of these staff members. We encourage you to write a note, say an encouraging word, or find some other meaningful way to appreciate your own RA, CA, and GHD on that day.

Thanks for helping us appreciate our student staff. Your positive feedback means a lot to them!


The Residential Programs Staff

Seriously, though: go say thanks!

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  1. RA  

    never met mine, so useless


    is the BEST RA ever!!!!!!

    nathan, this is your first shout out from entire wallach 4!! =)

  3. i concur  

    my RA is either delusional or nostalgic. alls us carman 7 in her emails... we live in furnald.

  4. Anonymous  

    when my RA sleeps on our floor more than 2 consecutive nights in a row, ill thank her for what shes getting paid to do

  5. fuck this  

    why is there a day to appreciate those that do some of the least work in our res halls but none to appreciate those that do the most - the people who clean our toilets, take out our trash and keep watch in the wee hours of the morning to keep us safe?

    R.A.s have a damn easy job and don't need any extra support. And the few of them that bust students for crap like smoking pot deserve outright scorn.

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