Some Things About Food and Drink

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First, overheard (overtexted?) from a Concerned Citizen:

Sorry about our housing number dude. But at least someone filled 100 large Snapple bottles with water and put them in the McBain elevator.

At least, indeed! Our tipster included this picture:

Also, Bwogger Claire Sabel reports that Brownies Cafe in Avery is giving away free matzoh, along with new sandwich cards EDIT: the same sandwich cards they’ve had for some time now. Happy Pesach!

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  1. s'not  

    water, it's just the remnants of a very well-hydrated lazy person's exploits

  2. nice  

    well done... columbia needs more of these

  3. lol  

    hooray for college pranks. no one does this kind of shit here.

  4. Woo hoo!  

    That is too funny!

  5. this is weak compared to  

    the vagina rasterbation of '08

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