1. lemme guess  

    one is hidden under the folds of Alma Mater's gown. lemme see if I'm right.

    • Natasha (SEADS)

      They're not so much "hidden" as conspicuously placed in obvious places. Except for one of mine (which, obvious hint: you'd probably rather throw pennies for good luck or sing a song about your significant royal other or something).

  2. Anonymous  

    Whats the deal with 40s on 40 Bwog?

  3. Melissa  

    Its a promotion for our cultural event on Saturday Lerner 477 @ 1pm we'll be teaching a cambodian cultural dance as well as serving free southeast asian food.

    plus we love orangina.

  4. Anonymous  

    I saw a bottle in front of Philosophy. But because everyone is out sitting in the sun I thought it was someone's

  5. Anonymous  

    I saw one on the tooth earlier. There were people nearby, I just assumed it belonged to one of them

  6. Anonymous  

    i found one in front of the law school. no tag attached though. it was the big bottle, not the small one in the picture.

  7. Tasty  

    I gots one! It was in front of journalism. Now I shall enjoy its tasty zest!

  8. Anonymous

    One on the Barnard Campus near the statue of Athena

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