Here We Go Again: No 40s on 40!

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Bwog has just gotten word from the CC, SEAS, BC and GS senior class councils that 40s on 40 will not held be this year. The primary reason, according to class council presidents? Cost: $20,000 for an event that “many seniors in years past had not enjoyed.” Instead of 40s on 40, the class councils are planning a senior BBQ (just like last year) to take place in late April or early May. The councils will also use the money not spent on 40s on 40 on Lerner Pub and Senior Week. The full announcement from Heather Lee (SEAS), Brian Corman (GS), Chelsea Zimmerman (BC), and Cliff Massey (CC):

Fellow Classmates,

One of the many responsibilities of the senior class councils is to organize the many senior traditions that exist at Columbia.  There are a great deal of these traditions, many of which occur in the spring semester.  One of the most well-known of these traditions is “40 Days”, though in years past it has been known by many different names (such as “40s on 40” and “Senior Playpen”).  This event started in 2005 and became administratively coordinated with students by 2007.

This year, the senior class councils of CC, SEAS, Barnard, and GS have collectively decided not to hold the “40 Days” event.  This decision came as we looked at the successes and failures of this event over the past four years, having spoken to administrators and alumni who were invested in the event.  To us, we decided that the cost of the event (which came out to close to $20,000) was far too much for an event that many seniors in years past had not enjoyed.  To us, the event was no longer worth the expense, when we believe that our classmates would rather spend that money improving other senior traditions, such as Lerner Pub, Winter Gala, and Senior Week.
In lieu of the “40 Days” event, we are in the process of planning a Senior BBQ event that will take place in late April/early May.  This way, we can aim to create a new senior tradition that will be meaningful for our class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your class president.  We would love to speak with you about our reasoning!

Best wishes,
Heather Lee, SEAS 2010 President
Brian Corman, GS 2010 President
Chelsea Zimmerman, Barnard 2010 President Cliff Massey, CC 2010 President

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, because barbeques are really special at this point... why even bother?

  2. umm  

    Its April 2nd... enough with the April Fools' jokes, seriously.

    40's on 40 has and always will be a storied Columbia tradition. This isn't even slightly believeable.

  3. cc'10  

    i'm not saying it wasn't a good idea to cancel this ridiculous spectacle....but i am saying that this university is completely allergic to fun.

    also, class council, please take heed: i beg you, for once in my college career, if you do go ahead with a bbq, to order enough food for me to get some if i arrive 5 minutes late. thaaankksss.

  4. WAit  

    Isn't this exactly what happened last year? How are people surprised by this?

  5. This will probably  

    improve now that the school has stopped sponsoring it.

  6. cc'11

    well maybe this year you guys can finally take back 40's on 40 from its terrible recent re-incarnations. now that the administration is no longer sponsoring it, the senior class can go back to doing it its own way: playpen free, beer limit free. if I were you, I'd organize something for real.

  7. seems to me

    that this is the administration giving it back to us. it should be viral like it was initially

  8. How the fuck  

    did cheap beer and a fence cost $20,000??!?!

    Also "seems to me" you have a good point.

    • maybe  

      maybe it was for cordoning off/renting the space or for the security required for OMGGGG AALHOHOCHOL ON CAMPUS!!!

      but i agree, $20,000 is outrageous. imagine the actual amount of 40's you could buy with that...

  9. i say...

    eff the admin. let's just all buy 40s and drink on the steps wednesday.

  10. Anonymous

    What, no crazy threats from security about it? Seems like an improvement, just grab and 40 and start drinking

    ps it was started before 2005 I believe.

  11. CC 10  

    How about let's not plan anything on Bwog comments because the admins will read them and try to ruin everything...

  12. 2010  

    but seriously... see you all there.... STEEL RESERVE 4 LYFE

  13. CC2010  

    40's cost $2. With 1500 seniors, that's $3000 total, or $0 since I think we can all foot the bill for our own 40s. Letting us drink for one day on private property wouldn't cost the school anything.

  14. Anonymous  

    i think this is exactly what the administration wanted. they knew that making it 'official' and sucking all the life out of it would kill it in a few years.

    i say fuck 'em. drink, drink, drink!

  15. but  

    they organized a pub crawl too i thought

  16. CC '09

    Does anyone commenting here even have friends from last year's senior class? We had an awesome 40 days. Yeah the \senior playpen\ was a little lame, but people pre gamed and had a solid time. Plus the 40's styled events, which were the best part, took place that night at local watering holes. Hopefully, for traditions sake, the senior councils will do something similar for 2010. It was a lot of fun.

  17. Anonymous

    class council is organizing something anyway

  18. CLASS OF '09

    Just do what we did. Celebrate on 38's on 38 with some 40's. There were a good couple hundred of us last year. Joints, Beer, Fun, Sun, Chill times

  19. Gary the Good Times Ghoul

    Spectrum has an update to this story-- 40s on 40 lives on! spectrum.columbiaspectator.com.

  20. Anonymous  

    thanks again columbia u !

  21. instead of  

    making it an event, can we just give the security guys a day off boundary from the steps??!! that way we can have our 40's in peace and security people will be interested in not fucking us over

  22. ugh x a million  

    "To us, the event was no longer worth the expense, when we believe that our classmates would rather spend that money improving other senior traditions, such as Lerner Pub, Winter Gala, and Senior Week."

    HAHAHA. you believe your classmates would rather spend money on lerner pub and winter gala?
    here's an idea--how about instead of spouting off what you "believe" we would "rather spend money on", you fucking ASK US? the senior class council has done NOTHING to ever ask the class for feedback or to vote on ANYTHING. we didn't even get a vote on class day speaker.
    the council just makes stupid fucking decisions and assumes it's what we all want. wow. they suck some mother fucking giant dirty nuts. lerner pub? lame. winter gala? extra lame. senior week? i hope it'll be good, but if you all keep this stupid shit up, it will probably be lame. fuck this shit.

    • ugh x a million  

      just checked out spectrum--so it's actually happening? if so--cool!
      but, i still gotta say--fuck this stupid rhetoric where the class council pretends to speak for us, and fuck this cryptic foolsy joke business.


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