El Viaje – Third Annual Latin American Film Festival

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313 Fayerweather

Murga is a musical theater concept performed in Montevideo, Uruguay through which the participants can express issues about life in general and in particular, society and the government. The group is traditionally composed of a chorus of about 13-17 people, and three percussionists. Few props are used, and the main visual attractions are the lively, colorful costumes worn by the singers, Agarrate Catalina focuses on what it’s like to be old and near death. The performers dress up as old men and women and reminisce about their lives, as well as reflect on what it will be like to die. In their memories, they talk about the political and societal conditions of the present and the past. Although some parts are rather melancholy, given the depressing subject, the characters have quite a humorous point of view on life, and also bring some perspective to the not-so-important worries of today’s youth. Speaker Bio: Orlando Bentancor is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Cultures at Barnard College. He received his BA in Philosophy from the Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay and his PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish) from the University of Michigan. He has also taught at the University of South California, and at Princeton University. His main interests are: Colonial Latin American literatures and intellectual history; Midieval and Early Modern Spanish philosophy; literature, science, and technology; poststructuralist philosophy and postcolonial theory. He s currently working on a draft of a book titled The Life of Metals in Potosi: Politics, Metaphysics, and Technology in the Colonial Andes and has published articles in Hofstra Hispanic


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