As Seen on College Walk: Flower Power

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The rain subsided, and the latter part of the week brought days of glorious weather. Florals, spotted on the young and old alike, dominated College Walk in an apparent nod to Easter and general spring spirit. Bwog brings you some highlights.

Annika and Trisha, BC/CC/SEAS/GS ’??, College Walk

To parents/family:

What brings you to Columbia? We’re just visiting. He [male teenage family member] is a junior who is applying.

What’s your inspiration [for the girls]? We’re all just waiting for spring!

Sophie Ragir, BC ’11, College Walk

What’s your major? English.

What’s your most interesting class this semester? I’m taking a great 17th century class with Professor Gordon and Professor Guibbory.

Where’d you get your dress? I got it at a vintage shop.

Where are you going? To meet friends.

What’s your favorite dessert? Frozen yogurt.

Anna Gedal, BC ’12, The Lawn

What’s your major? History and Psychology.

What’s your most interesting class this semester? The European Catastrophe.

What’s your spring inspiration? The sun!

Where are you going? To get a burger.

What’s your favorite dessert? Anything with Nutella and strawberries.

Rebecca Spalding, BC ’12, The Lawns

What’s your major? French Literature and Philosophy.

What’s your most interesting class this semester? Intensive Elementary Ancient Greek.

What’s your spring inspiration? Florals and bright colors.

Where are you going right now? To Butler to write a paper.

What’s your favorite dessert? Chocolate soufflé.

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  1. frozen yogurt  

    only at barnard

  2. Anonymous

    A graphing calculator is an excellent accessory

  3. Oh please...

    Every girl at Columbia is obsessed with Pinkberry.

  4. Anonymous  


  5. Anonymous  

    1) wtf is with all of the barnard girls. we always have a ton.

    2)I do not get this new trend of dressing like your grandmother. Grown-up girl #1 just looks stupid. Why doesn't she accessorize with orthopedic shoes and a life-alert?!

  6. cc '11  

    haha i ran into that last girl in the bathroom in butler this morning checking herself out in the full-length mirror

  7. #$@%!  

    veil of anonymity:

    1) it looks like a grandma passed away in it.
    2) burgers go nicely with that dress...
    3) floral done right: damn you look fine

  8. i never understood  

    the girls who wore heels to butler. don't you want to at least be comfortable while you're in that hellhole?

  9. Anonymous

    Dude, the Buffalo Exchange rocks.

  10. queer@cc  

    Grown-up girls: 1) Love the bag! Not exactly an age-appropriate dress, but way to go for it
    2) I'm gonna second whoever said it--the T9 is an excellent accessory. And the glasses go well, too
    3) Looks hot, but who wouldn't if they were dressing on a $500-an-item budget?
    Little girls: Awwwww

  11. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Just want to remind y'all of a clause in our new comment policy:

    Please remember that many of the people you see featured in our posts are your fellow students. Be respectful of this fact when you comment on someone's appearance, opinion, or character.

    And we are deleting comments on this post accordingly.

  12. Anonymous  

    becca spalding is a fox!!

  13. wow  

    florals...for spring...shocking!

  14. Anonymous  

    three girls in floral dresses with sunglasses.
    get a little more creative, bwog.
    (although the little ones are cute!)

  15. Anon  

    find well dressed SEAS people, because we actually exist.

  16. Becca Spalding  

    is the greatest! beautiful and awesome.

  17. BC '13  

    Sigh. I wish I was rich enough to afford number 3's outfit.
    BTW, I saw her on the lawn today wearing that and being photographed for something else, possibly Hoot? She wore the same thing yesterday. How does one get on ASOCW, anyway? I wish I could nominate my friends- they have some damn good fashion sense.

  18. Save your  

    money! While the structure of the third adult female dress is quite sexy - a perfect balance of cleavage and leg - the floral print is *ghastly*. As a fashionable gay, I exhort you Barnard and Columbia gals alike to avoid floral prints at all costs! They suggest immaturity and call to mind those tea-parties my lady peers would host in 2nd grade with the company of their favorite stuffed animals/Barbie Dolls. However, brava Rebecca on the yellow heels and sky blue bag! Finally, a woman with tasteful accessories! Students should follow suit in wearing heels, regardless of how uncomfortable they feel. I hate to break it to you, but it's PAIN FOR FASHION. Burn those ballet flats and hike yourself up a few inches. Trust me, the guys/lipstick lesbians will notice. And if they notice, you'll be out of those heels and in their bed in no time...

    As for the youngins, I recommend Baby Dior: http://boutiques.lesculottescourtes.com/blog/images/children-salon/dior.jpg

    Very chic, simple, and no floral prints.

    • Anonymous

      Clearly, you must be joking about only wearing heels. I am a fashionable woman who likes to wear heels at times, but I don't think that it is remotely appropriate for any man (gay or not) to tell me or any of my fellow ladies to do so! There is no reason that anyone should condemn themselves to painful, dangerous and f00t/ankle/knee-damaging heels for fashion. Stylish flats are perfectly acceptable and oxfords have made a big comeback. So if you are being serious, then I would really have to question your taste and knowledge of fashion.

      • Anonymous  


        i challenge any man who tells me heels are sexy to walk for one mile (just one!) in a pair and then say it to me again.

        also, fashion is not unequivocally about getting men to notice you.

    • "fashionable hetero"

      So false. Floral prints done right are beautiful, and dressed up or down, they work for all sorts of occasions.

      And excuse me, but since when is someone an automatic fashion expert because of their sexual orientation? Seriously dude, get off your high horse.

      • another "fashionable hetero"  

        I AGREE. spring is all about sweet and soft color palettes and patterns (florals and lace).

        to the dude thats a "fashionable gay," i must say that your taste in the tacky yellow pointed heel and the generically branded blue bag is disgusting.

  19. Another fashionable gay  

    I agree with my compatriot above--floral prints are for grandma's curtains.

  20. These girls are

    Hot. Number 1, some of you are saying she looks like a grandma. She doesn't look anything like my grandmother. What I would do to her....

    And number 3, what a body.

  21. woo hoo!

    Way to represent Sulz/Reid 6. You go girls! Especially Becca.

  22. Anonymous  

    Sophie! Love the dress

  23. dichotomy  

    so here's my problem:

    -the two little girls are absolutely adorable - staring at that photo for 30 seconds or so seriously made me feel better about life ... these 2 little mini-people will someday inherent our (troubled) world and they have such innocence and poise at the same time. i'm a cold heartless bastard but this photo seriously raised my spirits for the day


    -the last girl is smoking hot and sends my mind careening towards sex like a bullet-train

    ... and then I think to myself how she had to look like those little girls once upon a time

    Bottom line: Bwog, from now on please respect the fragility of the male psyche and don't combine cuteness and hotness in the same post
    Many thanks

  24. sad commentary  

    on our student population that the last girl is considered "hot." cute, fine. hot? no.

    • Consult an endocrinologist  

      Save your aesthetic prejudices for the dusty drawing room, you silly prig. The woman's simply delicious. And you're a sclerotic little knot of envy. Go away.

  25. Really?  

    All Barnard girls? That's just a symptom of half-hearted reporting.

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