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It’s spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, and hope. As the flowers peep out from the soil each April in the cycle of the four seasons, so, too, do groovy new Apple products perpetually emerge in the never-ending cycle that is modern technology.

In that vein, Bwog is very excited to bring you the first campus iPad spotting, on SEAS student Derek Huang, SEAS ’13. We had our own Bwog pool going about who could spot an iPad first, but send us pictures of you and your brand new iPad to [email protected]

Keep your eyes peeled for an iPad SocketHop coming to Bwog the next couple of days. In the meantime, feel better about not having your own iPad by visiting this website.

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  1. lol  

    only a person wearing those sandals would go out and wait in line to be one of the first to buy an ipad

  2. i'm sure...

    he planned "getting seen"

    loser slash pretentious apple tool.

  3. Milano  

    I saw a kid with one at Milano yesterday (around 1 pm - wow). He looked like a huge tool playing some game while waiting for his credit card to go through

  4. Microsoft ROCKS  


  5. iPad!

    I went to the Apple Store to play w/ one, it's awesome! Not that I need it, but maybe one day it'll be good for reading books and newspapers and stuff. Typing on it sucks. But everyone should go and try one out for free. Web surfing on it is sweet.

  6. ...  

    How do you respond to the charges that
    you're out of ideas? Have you run dry?

    Not at all. Just this week I came up
    with several new sweet ideas.

    A larger model iPod for the portly,
    a battery option for the lazy or spastic.

    A model with extra sand
    for the hard-of-hearing.

    I'm earning my keep.

    Speaking of that,
    do you expect to get a raise?

    By anyone's account I single-handedly
    have saved Apple Computer.

    Our stock is worth more now than ever.
    Yes, I expect to be compensated for that.

  7. ..oh, i see you..  

    MA STANGS!!!

  8. why

    is this any better than an iphone or a laptop? it seems just as bulky as a laptop/less convenient than an iphone with less functions.....can somebody explain the appeal?

  9. Anonymous  

    I <3 derek MORE !!!!!

  10. Anonymous  

    please someone tell me which of the two is true
    1) 90% of columbia kids have mac
    2) kids with mac bring their laptops outside (cafe,classes) at a unusually high rate

    -guy who uses Columbia computer stations instead to check email and facebook

  11. nighttime pushups  

    i bet this kid was a complete loser in high school

  12. hit heard around the world

    look at those shoes man

  13. bora  


    MILTON 099999999999999!!!

  14. Guys,  

    the Apple iPad is truly a magical product. It is run by magical fairy dust, created in the magical Apple factory in the clouds, and constructed by elves because they have magical metallurgic talents.

  15. UMMMM...


  16. Justin09

    Fact : this guy WAS a complete loser in high school

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